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Another One of Those Pretty Sunset Pictures by guitargirlsings Another One of Those Pretty Sunset Pictures :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 3 0 Winter Sunrise by guitargirlsings Winter Sunrise :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 0 0 Heroes by guitargirlsings Heroes :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 37 2 The Difference Between Assassins and Templars by guitargirlsings The Difference Between Assassins and Templars :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 43 57
Same Old, Same Old
Mission 1
Soul Man - Blues Brothers
I give the cabbie a friendly nod and hand over his money, and then nearly stumble as I bend my tall-ish frame out of the car. I really, really, need to learn to sleep more before heading out on a mission. The cabbie is gone quickly, and I can't blame him, this isn't exactly the scenic part of Miami, and "tourists" like me aren't supposed to see the sunny city's dirty side. The street is empty except for me, just standing there on the side walk, and I resist the urge to laugh as I realize I must be heading this section off on my own. We have got to find a more members for the organization; I'm getting sick of traveling across the country every other day. The pay off, however, is more than worth it.
I take a deep breath, casting my normal gaze around the street, but spot nothing out of the usual.
"Gonna make this difficult for me, huh? Well, Nikki is sleepy, so let's just get this over with..."
I take one more deep breath, then close my "good" e
:iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 2
Still Walking OC: Nikki Taxler by guitargirlsings Still Walking OC: Nikki Taxler :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 0 0 THAT girl by guitargirlsings THAT girl :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 2 5 Rage (DmC) by guitargirlsings Rage (DmC) :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 32 A Mask by guitargirlsings A Mask :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 0 The Merge by guitargirlsings The Merge :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 0 Firelight My Soul is Bright by guitargirlsings Firelight My Soul is Bright :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 0 Goodbye Summer by guitargirlsings Goodbye Summer :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 3 0 Summer's Eve by guitargirlsings Summer's Eve :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 3 0 Forever Anonymous by guitargirlsings Forever Anonymous :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 0 Fairy Sunset by guitargirlsings Fairy Sunset :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 5 14 Kakashi Flips Table GIF by guitargirlsings Kakashi Flips Table GIF :iconguitargirlsings:guitargirlsings 1 2


Devil May Cry by Kodakcx7430 Devil May Cry :iconkodakcx7430:Kodakcx7430 236 39 Mountain mage by Matija5850 Mountain mage :iconmatija5850:Matija5850 1,403 71 Dante vs Vergil DMC3 by Txikimorin Dante vs Vergil DMC3 :icontxikimorin:Txikimorin 2,136 152
Storms [Levi/Reader]
The rain pelts your skin, leaving your hair dripping and your body shivering, but you can't seem to pull yourself out of this trancelike state.  Your eyes stay locked on the sky, only looking away to blink the pesky liquid out of your eyes.  It's raining torrentially, and you know that it's only a matter of time before the black sky is lit with the -- and there it is, the crash of thunder, accompanied by a bright flash of lighting.  You stare adamantly at the place where it appeared to strike - nothing rises from the impact zone.  
You aren't sure how long you're out there for, but your teeth are chattering and your lips are turning blue.  Your civilian clothes are doing nothing useful - they cling stubbornly to your skin, despite how many times you peel them away.  But you can't go inside.  You can't until the storm is gone, because until then, you won't be able to relax, your muscles won't be able to unwind - you would be nothing more than a huddled
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 94 18
Ash by Carolina-Eade Ash :iconcarolina-eade:Carolina-Eade 746 80
BertholdtXReader:Too Late to say (Letters: Part 1)
Tongue Tied
Thats what I was- am. I've always wanted to be able to talk to you without my cheeks turning red, or stuttering. But somehow, no matter how hard I think, I end up looking like a fool in front of you. God, why am I such an idiot? You've never truly noticed me, I mean we've sat at the same table at dinner once or twice but thats about it. I'm just another person to you. The way you make me feel, its just.. Ugh, I don't know how to explain it. I try to be so perfect for you, cause your worth it.
You're so amazing sometimes. Just the simplest things make you so beautiful, from the way your (hair length) (hair color) locks drape around your neck like a curtain, to the way your (eye color) orbs sparkle so brightly whenever you're excited. If I could say what I want to say, Oh man, I'd say I want to be able to hug you, to be able to be yours and only yours. Sometimes.. I just want to kiss you in front of everyone, right then and there. But I'd need confidence for that. Me,
:iconmarveltherealmc123:MarveltherealMC123 26 7
Still Waters by SteveDeLaMare Still Waters :iconstevedelamare:SteveDeLaMare 307 38
The Package {Modern!AU} (Bertholdt x Reader)
You tear open your package and you saw doll that looked exactly like…
Bertholdt Hoover. AKA: The Colossal Titan
You picked up the doll with caution, as if you’d break it if you did anything wrong.
It looked like a normal plush, so you went to set it down on the couch. Until a blinding light emitted from said plush, causing a wave of shock to come over you, gasp, and drop the “plush.”
As soon as it started, the light disappeared and what was left was a tall man, about the same as you, and could take form as the Colossal Titan any minute now.
You immediately dialed a number you know would answer your questions.
After a few rings, the person on the other end picked up. “Hello, Petra speaking.”
“What the hell did you give me?” You clenched your jaw, trying to stay quiet to not wake-up the person now sprawled on your living
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 142 22
Forever Alone (Bertholdt x Reader) Chapter I [AU]
DISCLAIMER: This story is an AU or remake. It’s not going to flow with the original story and there will be major changes to the original storyline. You guys are in for a surprise.
Rating: N/A

“Bertl,” a voice was echoing out of the darkness. “Bertl?”
Louder and louder it began booming through his ears, “Bertholdt.” Finally in a demanding tone, it thundered forth, “Bertholdt Hoover!”
Blinds opening rapidly, light emerging from the clear glass window magnifying the sun’s intensifying rays beamed at Bertholdt’s splayed out body. Bertholdt shuffled in bed, flinging his blanket over himself in a fit trying to conceal himself from the stinging light. “Tch, you’re not a vampire Bertholdt. Wake up, university resumes today, no?”
“Mmmmhh, don’t want to,” Bertholdt stubbornly replied. It was his second year in Kyojin University. He was studying a double degree of International Finance an
:iconreiner-x-atashi:Reiner-X-Atashi 154 31
Communication Barrier - ANGST!Bertholdt x Reader
For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either...  He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness out of which he was drawn and the infinite in which he is engulfed.
   ― Blaise Pascal, French philosopher, "Pascal's Wager"

Author's Notes:
[HEAVY manga spoiler warning, violence]
An angst fic written (or spoken, should I say?) from the viewpoint of Bertholdt Fubar, and how his world is turned upside down when the Reader comes into his life.  Deals with alienation, dehumanization, self-identity, and the concept that a single death is a tragedy while a million is a statistic.  In other words, if you're looking for something happy and fluffy... I might have to recommend you something else. XD;
Be warned that the outcome of the Invasion of Trost has been entirely rewritten.  Moreover, t
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 332 98
Reader X Bertholdt - Who would you choose
“Ok, ok everyone quieten down!” Ymir growled as the room slowly went quiet again to allow her to speak; only the odd snicker could be heard from the recruits as they huddled closely on the floor, waiting to find out who would be the next victim.
There you were, sitting between Sasha and Mikasa, waiting nervously to see who would be picked for the next round of truth or dare. You didn’t know how it had started exactly but you remember that someone had suggested it at dinner, just a small game of truth or dare they had said. At first no one was interested but after a while more people had warmed up the idea and in the end a large group of you had made your way to one of the dorms to begin the game.
The group of people included: You, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, Connie, Jean, Marco, Ymir, Christa, Reiner and Bertholdt. So far Ymir had taken charge of the game and put everyone’s names into a hat to see who would be the one truthing or daring, once you had gone howeve
:iconextrastatus:ExtraStatus 348 52
Sleeping Positions (Modern AU Bertholdt x Reader)
Reiner and (Name) had always taken care of Bertholdt like a child. He was constantly being picked on in some way or another. She always stood up for him quick to defend. And Reiner would be his comfort.
Bertl sat on the edge of the bed he shared with Reiner letting out a sigh.
“Something up?” Reiner asked.
“I want to ask to stay the night with (Name).” Bertholdt told him.
“Ask her she’s never said no before, her parents like us and she has a bunk bed even though she has no siblings.” Reiner said lifting weights.
“But it’s not just that. I want to cuddle her this time.” Bertholdt told him with a blush on his cheeks.
Reiner stopped lifting turning toward him raising an eyebrow in question.
“Well I mean I really like, do you think she likes me? Like that at least?” Bertlholdt asked.
“Well…” Reiner said trailing off. “She’s never mentioned liking anyone you might have a shot.” Reine
:iconambervantas69:AmberVantas69 498 180
Ten Feet Tall (Levi x Reader x Bertholdt) RQ
He’d tried to deny it. Every fucking second of his life he denied it with every fibre of his being. It was something that would only, could only, lead to heartache and pain, and yet the more he lied to himself, the more it became completely and utterly futile. The second you walked into a room, the second you cast your soft gaze his way, the defences he had built up to keep you out came crashing down, and you invaded every crevice of his mind.
Levi could no longer deny it – he had fallen, hard.
But he was not the first.
Bertholdt Fubar had been infatuated with you from day one, bending to your every whim, following you around everywhere like a lost puppy.
More like a giraffe.
Levi could see the affection in your eyes when you looked at him, the way your lips unconsciously curved into a small smile when he was around. Only Levi noticed the lingering touches, the pink tinge in your cheeks when he smiled.
Yet every now and then, he would see something in y
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 568 69
Pretty Please {Bertholdt x Reader} COM
Bertholdt focused all of his attention on the litter of old bread crumbs on the table, occasionally grinding them between his fingers to give the illusion that he was doing something other than sitting awkwardly by himself. His head was bowed to avoid eye contact with anyone in the dining hall, as well as conceal his pink face. He just couldn't help turning a bit red when he thought abou--
"HEY, LANKY!" Bertholdt nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the sudden impact of a heavy weight next to him. He let out an undignified squeak at the unexpected movement, even though he knew Reiner would come eventually.
"J-Jesus, Reiner." Bertholdt exclaimed, panting a bit from the shock. Mentally, he had been in a whole other world before his bulky best friend had pulled him out of his daydreams.
"You nearly pissed yourself, didn't you?" Reiner laughed. "God damn, you're easy to scare."
"You're an ass." Bertholdt grumbled, returning his attention to the sprinkled bread crumbs.
"Eh." Reiner sh
:iconpersephon-e:Persephon-e 540 69




Man, I can't believe it's been a year already, I still remember staying up until 6 am last summer looking through all of the jaw-dropping pieces on this website. All of you are so talented, and I can't draw to save my life so I'm just sitting over here taking pictures and admiring everything you guys put out. After a year this is still my one-stop for fantastic fanart from all of my favorite video games and animes. Every single member of deviantArt has my utmost respect and gratitude for making this site something I love coming back to. 

Thanks for being absolutely fantastic! And may you keep up the good work for another great year!

Mood: Happy
Music: Hollywood Undead
Food: Beef flavored Ramen and chicken strips
Book: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Video Game: Halo 4 and [Prototype]
TV: Doctor Who


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Please, for the sake of all that is good, call me Nikki :P
Anyways, I have a feeling not many people actually sit down and read these things, so I'm warning you now, it's probably just gonna be a lot of babble.
I have 2 older brothers, an older step-brother in the army, an older step sister, and a younger half sister. I have one sister-in-law who i love like she was born a blood sister to me. I'm blind in my right eye after my brother David accidentally shot me in the eye with a pellet gun. I live for music, like you wouldn't believe. I play 11 different instruments, like all genres of music (especially dubstep and metal), have been playing the flute in band for 5 years now.
I can't draw to save my life unless it's in abstract, but I'm proud to say I'm a pretty decent photographer and writer.
Feel free to talk to me, I'd like to think I'm a pretty friendly person XD


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